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Driving into a Truck: In at least one mission you have to do this.However, characters will not notice if you attend, for example, a serious business meeting in a gimp suit.Do you know how many religious relics are kept at The Pentagon.There are a ton of collectibles in this game. C.J. has to find 70 photo locations, spray 100 gang tags, track down 50 oysters, and find 50 horseshoes.Honey Trap: As part of the plan to rob a casino, C.J. seduces a dealer who has an important keycard (as well as some. unusual tastes ).There are two or three stealth-based missions, in which you can evade detection entirely by hiding in shadows.During the burglary missions, there are also only a handful of building interiors depending on what kind of building you are breaking into.

A green Sabre shows up in a later mission when C.J. finds out that Smoke and Ryder are working with C.R.A.S.H. and the Ballas.Alternatively, at least he was pretending to shoot with you and Sweet.No-Gear Level: Twice. C.J. loses all his guns several times.Social Climber: Progression in Wide Open Sandbox games often features examples of this, where the Player Character starts poor but eventually becomes super-wealthy, his mission-givers also show the same progression.Trying to strafe ground targets is extremely difficult because the Hydra uses the camera controls for its additional functions, preventing you from righting the camera.Justified Tutorial: The game has the tutorial sections slowly spread out throughout the game.The last one is flowers, which can be found all over the place and only real use is to give to girlfriends like all the above items.Bigfoot: Chasing Shadows for iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac & PC! Uncover the truth as Linda goes in search of a legend and winds up fighting for her very survival in.Cutscene Incompetence: C.J. is constantly pushed around by Tenpenny in their cutscene encounters throughout the game.

Lazlow, of all people, remarks on this during a radio interview.What makes this ridiculous is that the mission itself serves as a tutorial, even though you need to grind to unlock it, and the point of being able to dive (to avoid the patrol boats) is easily bypassed by sinking the boats or killing their crews.Early on, Tenpenny and Pulaski force C.J. into doing their dirty work on threat of framing him for a cop-killing they committed.Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (Video Game 2004) Connections on IMDb: Referenced in, Featured in, Spoofed and more.However, outside of said mission and the riot mode at the last legs of the game, Molotovs are only in three or four spots across the entire state map.Villain with Good Publicity: Big Smoke appears as a respected public figure on the news in latter parts of the game, encouraging (of all things) to keep the streets drug free while building orphanages.The scenes with him are almost entirely humorless, any humor involving him is mostly played to show how much of Jerkass he is, along with the rest of his personality, and unlike the other characters, he shows that he has no absolutely no sense of loyalty to others and flat-out scoffs on the idea.Interchangeable Asian Cultures: The Yakuza cheat code fills the streets with Triads using katanas and bikes.

Sometimes, hitting a pedestrian in the car would not be enough to kill em.Hernandez speaks in it, telling a story about how he had to make a difficult decision between letting a man beat his crack addicted wife, or jailing the man and leaving the obviously unsuitable for children wife with their kids, establishing himself as a cop with morals.Unexplained Recovery: Villain Toreno seemingly explodes in a helicopter.

Los Santos is a gang-ridden city filled with Urban Segregation with limited social opportunities and advancement, while San Fierro has less of a gang-presence, is much more developed and sophisticated and is the city where the hero achieves some kind of social mobility (legal and illegal), while also interacting with a real Melting Pot and weird bunch of Ragtag Bunch of Misfits.Do you know how many biblical artifacts the government is keeping at the Pentagon.Ingesting lots of food will fatten him up much faster than should be possible (eating too much at one time will make him puke though, keeping the health, but losing the fat that would have been gained), or conversely that exercising will make him lose body fat and gain muscle ridiculously quickly, could also be taken as evidence of a most unusual metabolism.No OSHA Compliance: The meat locker in Las Venturas has no unlocking mechanism from inside.The player also has to eat to occasionally in order to stay healthy. If C.J. goes without eating for too long, it begins to drain his fat.It also provides a boost to immersion: it removes the jarring Insurmountable Waist-Height Fence.

Not to mention the fact that a fender-bender can turn into demolition derby when the guy you hit decides to kill you for it.This is further shown when he humiliatingly loses to C.J. in blackjack.At level 3, SWAT team members will rappel down from helicopters in full body armor packing Uzis.

For example, since planes may occasionally glitch into crash-landings, it is possible, but unlikely, to get hit by a plane during a mission.The Ballas in the south near the beach differ in that they are armed with pistols at best.Reverse Mole: Late in the game, it is revealed that Officer Jimmy Hernandez, who was never an overly willing participant of C.R.A.S.H. to begin with, has been feeding dirt on Tenpenny and Pulaski to Internal Affairs.

The ability to bunny hop is also quite useful as well, and the higher your skill level, the higher you can jump.PC modders tend to avoid the updated PC version as it made modding, well, harder.Separate, but Identical: The Grove Street O Gs hate the palette-swapped Ballas.Maxing them out offers various benefits, such as dual-wielding pistols and SMGs.Design-It-Yourself Equipment: The game featured the ability to customize some vehicles to enhance their performance and appearance: Usually your car would only really benefit from the nitro speed boosters, but feel free to blow money on the golden dollar-symbol hubcaps and pimp hydraulics.Flying Seafood Special: Sharks, dolphins and whatever else is underwater can become this due to a rocket glitch.On the other hand, it can also be quite creepy, especially at night.

Fun with Acronyms: An example: B an I mmigration G reencards O utright T oday.Given the graphics engine, C.J. is dating blocky Uncanny Valley girls — the game is about as saucy as banging Legomen together.Acțiunea are loc în 1992,. Starfish Casino,. Se spune că în joc sunt multe apariții misterioase precum Bigfoot, OZN-uri,.You Have Outlived Your Usefulness: Tenpenny has Carl retrieve a dossier during his time in Las Venturas.One of the missions early on in Los Santos requires you to impress a DJ with your dancing skills via button rhythm mini-game.